Call me crazy, but I think there’s something special about leap years. Maybe it’s the extra
day or the fact that they only come around once every four years. Either way, I love them.
But leap years aren’t the only things that only pop up once every four years, here’s a list of
four other events that only happen every four years.
The Olympics—Technically, we get to see the Olympics every two years because the
summer and winter Olympics are on an alternating two-year schedule. But when it comes
to each Olympics, summer or winter, they only happen once every four years.
The Titan Arum Flower Blooms—Otherwise known as the Corpse Flower and famous for
its rotting meat smell, this flower only blooms once every four years. But that might be a
good thing because its smell is pungent!
The US Presidential Elections—Whether you love keeping up with the US Presidential
Elections or not, like clockwork they come back every four years.
The World Cup—If you love soccer, then chances are you’ll love the World Cup. This
worldwide soccer tournament is a lot of fun to watch even if your team isn’t playing.
There we are, four things that only happen every four years. And just think, all of them
except The World Cup will be happening this year! I knew there was a reason I loved leap